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Best self-service laundry in Madrid. Rick Steves guide Spain 2017

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Best self-service laundry in Madrid. Rick Steves guide Spain 2017


We are proud of being recognised in this top guide of Spain, the Rick Steves guide, in fact we have put a lot of effort and illusion in our laundry project that has two main goals for the tourist in Madrid:

  • Best value for money service in Madrid Centre
  • Save time and money to people visiting Madrid


In our self-service laundries in Madrid, Colada Express Campomanes 9 and Colada Express  Antón Martin ( Magdalena 38) we offer our customers a clean place to make the washing with the best machines to take care about your clothes and with free WIFI.

Our laundries have been placed in locations that are beside the hotels, hostels and tourist accommodation places in order to ease the washing of the clothes of people visiting Madrid. Both are places in Madrid centre, one, our Lavandería Opera is in Calle Campomanes 9, close to the Palacio Real, Plaza de la Opera, Calle Arenal and Calle Mayor, not far from the Plaza Mayor and on the other side Colada Express Campomanes 9 is beside the Gran Via, Plaza de Santo Domingo and not far from Plaza de España.

Colada Express Antón Martin is beside Calle Atocha, close to Puerta del Sol and not far from the Atocha Train Station, in the middle of the known Barrio de las Letras, a beautiful quartier full of hostels and hotels, restaurants and tapas bars, full of colour and people.

Our compromise of saving is focused on two main areas:

  • Money : we would like you to save in duties like washing and spend time in leisure like museums, restaurants, or whatever you like. For this reason our offer is to wash and dry all your washing in Madrid Centre for just 8€
  • Time: When travelling we are always short of time, there is always thing we would like to visit or enjoy and we ran out of time. In our laundries we offer the possibility to wash and dry all your clothes in less than one hour. To save time to invest in more interesting activities.

The offer of free quality and safe WIFI is also involved in our goals, profit your time while washing your clothes by planning your day and looking for places to visit and also to be able to do the bookings to museums, restaurants or whatever you feel like. Although the washing and drying takes in total less than one hour, there is time enough to profit.

A self-service laundry in Madrid thinking in the needs of our tourists and visitors, a small business managed with efficiency and care, a complete service offered to our customers, this is how we understand a laundry business should work and your comments and encouragement  words help us to keep on doing our best to offer the best value for money laundry in Madrid.

If you are visiting Madrid and need to do your washing, please get into our website and just get all the information to choose the best place. We will be glad to inform you if any doubt or extra information is needed, please let us know.

Hoping you are enjoying your trip and visit to Madrid and waiting for your kind visit to our laundries in Madrid, Calle Campomanes 9 and Calle Magdalena 38.

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