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Best washing and drying your clothes in Madrid

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Best washing and drying your clothes in Madrid


If you are traveling and touring in Madrid surely you are enjoying the sunny weather as well as suffering from the high temperatures and thus this Madrid city has lots of places to visit, there is no point in wasting time doing the washing or paying a lot of money for washing some few kilos of clothes.

Fortunately there are a couple of laundries, self-service, close to your accommodation that offer a perfect value for money service of launderette in the centre of Madrid. Lavandería Opera is located in Calle Campomanes, very close to the called Plaza de la Opera, just a few meters away of the Palacio Real, Calle Arenal and Plaza Mayor and quite close to the Gran Via and Plaza Santo Domingo, were plenty of hotels and hostels are considered by travellers and tourist like best option in Madrid.

Lavandería Anton Martin is also located in a very touristic and interesting area within Madrid centre, Calle Magdalena, beside Calle de Atocha, and placed in the well known Barrio de las Letras, plenty of hotels and hostels are located in this beautiful area, full of live and colour.

Both laundries have been settled bearing in mind two main points:

When travelling we want to profit as much as possible our time and at the same time we need to do the washing, most of the time an annoying duty we have to do…. But what if at the same time we can do our washing and drying we are able to enjoy a free WIFI that will allow us to plan the day, consult what events are on, make the booking of the museums or restaurants, or whatever we would like to do with a secure and efficient WiFI.

Our clothes are something personal and important for us so we look for a laundry that is provided with the best washing and drying machines… we have chosen Electrolux new machines, the best in this business. On the other side we as tourist, don’t want to spend time buying soap and conditioner that at the endo of the day would go to the dust bin…. In Lavandería Opera and Lavanderia Antón Martin we have solve this inconvenience by offering for free the soap and conditioner, to be helpful and to assure that best quality will take care of your clothes.

We as tourists are looking for best value for money during our trip, but in duties like the washing and cleaning clothes, we expect to save as much money as possible to be able to spend in funnier activities… having the possibility to wash and dry about 12 kilograms of clothes in less than one hour and  for 8€ while we plant the day is surely a good way to save money and time.

We all want to do our washing in a clean place and for us this is a must, therefore we have a service that cleans our laundries every few time, to provide you with a place you would like to be in, to spend some time and to wash your clothes.

If you are visiting Madrid, and need to do your washing, do not hesitate to check in www.lavanderiantonmartin.com and www.lavanderiaopera.com and get to know how we plant to take care of you and your clothes. Have a look.

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